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Go, or Golang, is a programming language made by Google in 2007. It combines some of the elements of Python and C together to create an easy to use, and powerful language.


The syntax of Go is similar to C, but includes garbage collection, memory safety, and structural typing. Go has static typing and runtime efficiency (like C), the readability and usability of python or javascript, and includes high performance networking and multiprocessing. Go was mainly developed by people who did not like using C++ for everything and wanted an easier language to work in. It was developed to solve some of the common problems with other languages including:

  • slow builds
  • uncontrolled dependencies
  • each programmer using a different subset of the language
  • poor program understanding (code hard to read, poorly documented, and so on)
  • duplication of effort
  • cost of updates
  • version skew
  • difficulty of writing automatic tools
  • cross-language builds


One of the biggest downfalls of Go is that there is no race condition safety built into the language, so it is possible to exploit it in that way.

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