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Guobiao, Guojia Biaozhun, GB2312 or National Standard is the most common chinese character encoding in The People’s Republic of China, The Republic of China, and other asian countries. It is a 16 bit encoding adopted in 1981.


The encoding includes 7,445 Han and non-Han chinese characters. Guobiao has set most significant bits of both bytes, making the characters identifiable when used with characters from another encoding.


Adopted in 1993, the GBK, Guojia Biaozhun Kuozhan, or National Standard Extension, added the last 21,886 characters to Guobiao to make the character encoding compatible with Unicode. In 2001 Guobiao was again updated to GB18030-2000 to include over 27,000 characters and compatibility with some other asian languages, such as Mongolian, Tibetian, and Yi. It is generally backwards compatible with older Guobiao code and Unicode.

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