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HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the standard markup language for creating web pages. Web browsers receive HTML from a web server and render the documents into web pages.


HTML elements are defined by tags that use angle brackets, such as <p> and end with </p>. HTML generally starts with the <!doctype html> tag. The content within the and tags describe the webpage. Within the <html> tag there are usually 2 other tags, the <body> tag and the <head> tag. The <head> tag describes the metadata of the site such as the page title and any CSS or Javascript files and the <body> tag is the visible page content


Some weaknesses of HTML include HTML Injection which can allow a user to input html tags into a form if it is not handling the user supplied data correctly. This allows for users to add malicious forms and other malicious html into a webpage that the user would see as legitimate.

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